Good karma and the case of the missing purse

I believe in karma. I believe that in life you get what you give and that the rules of the universe fundamentally reward kindness, generosity, honesty and goodness. It is with that trust in humanity and the universal balance of good versus evil I go about my days. Sometimes blissfully trustful that things will always “be all-right.”

There is one thing in particular that continues to test this rule with me. I have a very bad habit of leaving (forgetting) my purse. I leave it in random places ALL THE TIME. In coffee shops, restaurants and stores. In schools, libraries, and gyms. I’m not kidding. It’s actually really embarrassing. I even carry a purse that has one of those super long straps so I can sling it across my body. It’s hard to leave something that is strapped to you, but somehow I still manage to do so.

For those of you who know me well, (this means you mom), you will likely roll your eyes and say to yourself, if her head wasn’t connected to her body, she’d lose that too! It’s likely.

But each and every time I have lost, (left) my purse – and it’s now easily 40 or more times – it has always been returned to me with the original contents still safely inside. That’s karma at work.

Today I have to thank my new community at St. Anne for tracking me down and returning my purse. When I received the phone call that it had been found in the gym and was safely locked away, I honestly did not know I had even left it. Woops!

Maybe I should stop carrying a purse or maybe I should just stop forgetting it. Either way, I’m grateful for good karma.

My Good Karma Bag

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